Glenkinchie Single Malt Scotch 10 Year

Glenkinchie is a Lalland (Lowland Dialect) corruption of 'de Quincy', a family which owned tracts of East Lothian - the 'Garden of Scotland' - in the 14th century. In 1853 the Rate brothers were bankrupted and the buildings of the distillery lay empty, being primarily used as a cowshed. In the 1880s Glenkinchie was bought by a consortium of whisky merchants and blenders from Edinburgh and Leith, which re-established production after rebuilding the distillery and maltings. The Distillery Today In 1914 Scottish Malt Distillers was formed with a view to consolidating the interests and resources of Lowland distilleries in troubled times. Glenkinchie was bought and has remained under the license of John Haig & Co. Color: deep gold, like Autumn fields of Lothian barley; Nose: soft and delicate aroma, with grassy and slightly sweet, fruity notes; Body: light; Palate: smooth and malty; Finish: dry and clean, with a soft and mellow afterglow. Recommendations 'This is the smokiest of all Lowland malts. Some drink this pale, slightly dry, 10-year-old as an alternative to sherry.' Fiona Ennys, Liverpool Echo, 26 January 1996. 'Lowland malts are generally accessible...Glenkinchie being dry and complex.' Andrew Barr, Sunday Times, 14 January 1996.

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