Glenfarclas Single Malt Scotch 12 Year

Glenfarclas Distillery was built in 1836 by a tenant farmer by the name of Robert Hay. It is located on the moors at the foot of the Ben Rinnes Mountain where the Avon and Spey Rivers meet. This very modern and fine distillery offers a wide variety of ages in their single malts, which can provide for some very enlightening tasting experiences. The age offerings usually include 10, 12, 15, 21, 25 and 30 year-old malts. In addition, one can find a cask-strength, 120 proof version known as Glenfarclas 105 or 104. The distillery is well-suited for visitors and has a most appealing Visitor's Center and educational tour. The spirit is matured largely in sherry casks. In fact, all new Glenfarclas spirit is now being matured in sherry casks. Some of the Glenfarclas states that the malt is not chill-filtered before bottling. The full-body character seems to bear this out. Glenfarclas is a distillery that seems to be aware of the single malt connoisseur.

12 year old

Proof 86
- Color : Light gold.
- Nose : Full, with some sherry, smoke and fruit. A bit drier than the 10 year-old.
- Body : Full, firm and a trace of oil.
- Palate : Full and round, with malty notes and some peat and smoke.
12 years old ABV 43% An amber-gold, offering delightful fruit, oak and sweet sensations, finish long and flavoursome. - Finish : Long and smooth, with some spice and sweetness.