Glendronach Single Malt Scotch 26 year old - Black

Blackadder Single Malt Whiskies are bottled from carefully selected single casks. No colorings are added and we do not use chill-filtration when bottling. Each cask is chosen to represent the very best example of its type and age. No two casks of whiskey are ever exactly alike, because the type of oak used, and the conditions under which it is stored, will both influence the ultimate spirit produced. The whiskies we select therefore offer the widest possible variety of singular taste experiences. They are second to none. Like fine wines, these naturally bottled whiskies may throw a little sediment on the bottom of the bottle. They can also appear slightly cloudy or 'milky' when cold or when water is added. This is quite natural. To heighten your enjoyment of this fine whisky, we suggest that you add a small quantity of still water to the spirit.