Get 27 Liqueur

Jean and Pierre Get, heirs to one of the largest French distilleries, wanted to create the ultimate Crème de Menthe. And in 1796, as a result of combining alcohol with strong mint, Get Peppermint (pronounced Jet) was born. But the brand quickly became known as Get 27 because of the alcohol content. Over 200 years later, and a slightly lower proof, Get 27 continues to be the Crème de Menthe of choice across France. Now this contemporary brand with its modern, stylish and unique packaging is available in the United States. There must be a reason why Get 27 is sold in over 122 countries. At a lighter 42 proof, Get 27 reveals the full impact of its unique heady flavor neat, or in a mountain of crushed ice. Add a distinctive, bright minty flavor to aperitifs, cocktails and mixed drinks. Get 27, exclusively available in the One Liter size, will freshen up any occasion.