Germain Robin Shareholders

?Distinctive richness. Fragrant and fruity... extremely smooth" WINE & SPIRITS MAGAZINE In 1988, we put together a special blend for the patient investors who provided our original capital funding. We liked it so much that since 1991 we've released about 200 cases every year. The blend's components are selected for fragrance and delicacy, and they include older brandies made from Pinot Noir, which give the blend structure, depth, and a rich, lingering finish. "Superb" UNDERGROUND WINE JOURNAL SHAREHOLDERS' RESERVE owes its luxuriant, deep fruitiness to Germain-Robin's innovative use of premium wine grapes, which derive rich flavor from the California sun. Thanks to state-of-the-art wine-making equipment, and to painstaking hand-distillation, the blend is pure flavored and remarkably smooth. "Outstanding bargain. Mesmerizing... focused... spicy. Generous and flowery... A great find. Search for and enjoy" SPIRITS JOURNAL "A striking blend... a dream of lightness" BEVERAGE JOURNAL "Pleasure is the best investment" J. PIERPONT MORGAN