Georgievskaya Vodka

Georgievskaya Vodka is made from 100% Artesian Water, 100% organic natural grain spirits (Blend of finest Wheat?s and Ryes), and only distilled twice providing a clarity, smoothness and taste. It has been independently tested by the Chicago Beverage Institute and received an ?Exceptional? rating as one of the smoothest vodkas on the market today. It has won many international Awards as well. Nine out of ten individuals who try the Georgievskaya Vodka for the first time return for a second and third bottle. These individuals are drawn to Georgievskaya Vodka because there is no harsh bite and no after taste to this exceptional vodka. It is also available in various natural flavors: Black Currant, Lemon and Peach. "Clear. Grain, wet gravel, mineral aromas. Smooth, plush texture. Moderately rich and spicy entry with a touch of citrus. Very brilliant palate with flinty, zesty notes. Lively finish with a touch of heat." -Rated 91,