George Dickel Barrel Select Tennessee Whiskey

George Dickel & Co. is very proud to introduce the 2006 Gold Medal Award *winning, George Dickel Barrel Select. Each year at peak periods of maturation, Master Distiller John Lunn selects approximately 10 barrels at a time of his most precious mellow whisky to produce the finest small batch Tennessee Whisky in the land. This 86 proof whiskey is aged between 10?12 years. It is created by mingling John?s hand chosen selections and provides a consistently smooth taste with perfect balance, rich amber color and a hint of vanilla ? a result of the charcoal mellowing and slow aging process. These distinct characteristics create a super premium whisky that stands in a class by itself. This handcrafted bottle was designed to commemorate the re-opening of the distillery in September 2003. In the style of George A. Dickel, every detail of the bottle reflects its beautiful craftsmanship, from the elegant shape and cork to its unique label design.