Frapin Cognac Rabelais

Introducing CUVÉE RABELAIS from COGNAC FRAPIN A jewel from an unknown age shaped by time itself. Taking Cognac Frapin's world class quality one step further, this outstanding blend of very old Grande Champagne Cognac is presented in a limited edition 24 carat gold plated decanter featuring a working timepiece reminiscent of a bygone age. The Frapin family's ties to the Cognac area of the Charentes region of southwest France span more than twenty generations, extending back to the early 1200's. Cuvée Rabelais is their tribute to a celebrated kinsman, Franqois Rabelais. The 16th century French comic genius and man of letters, renowned for his appetite for good food and the finer things in life, was related to the Frapin family on his mother's side. Among cognac producers, family owned Cognac Pierre Frapin is a rarity: Frapin's 741 acre domain, including 500 acres of prime Grande Champagne vineyards, is the largest by far in this top rated appellation. As a result, Frapin is able to apply the most exacting standards of quality control at all levels of production. The age of Cuvée Rabelais is unknown ? Cuvée Rabelais is a blend of very old Fine Champagne cognacs, handed down from one generation of the Frapin family to the next. ? The greater part of these cognac reserves dates back prior to 1870, before the Cognac region was ravaged by phylloxera. ? Cuvée Rabelais contains the Ugni Blanc grape, but also Folle Blanche, the variety traditionally used in Cognac in a pre phylloxera age. ? Folle Blanche, a difficult but rewarding grape known for its finesse and elegance, is rarely used in modern times. A Unique Cognac The nose is fine, delicate and opulent. Complex aromas evolve, mixing with notes of orange, dried apricot and tobacco. In the mouth, balance and finesse dominate, with fruity notes typical of a Grande Champagne cognac aged on the lees. The flavors are in perfect harmony, demonstrating that Cuvée Rabelais is the ultimate cognac for the ultimate cognac connoisseur. The Embodiment of timelessness ? Inspired by the pocket watches of yesteryear, this finely wrought 24 carat gold decanter is suspended from an elegant gold frame, which serves simultaneously as an objet d'art and pendulum. ? The pride of the Frapin collection, each Cuvée Rabelais decanter is individually numbered. ? With packaging as remarkable as the Cognac inside, Cuvée Rabelais is a masterpiece that makes time stand still