Etter Framboise

Etter 125 Years of Elegance * Fruit and Finesse Eau-de-vie has been the Etter family business since time immemorial. Now in their fourth generation, the company is committed to applying their expertise and modern resources to craft fruit spirits that are foremost in the world. Etter takes great care in selecting only the finest, fully ripened and undamaged fruit, and strict standards of quality control are adhered to during production. Adding art to substance, Etter's product presentation runs from traditional bottles to delicate hand-blown masterpieces. With their eye to the future and experience in their past, the Etter family possesses all the credentials and essentials to create the very best in Swiss fruit spirits. FRAMBOISE - Raspberries at the highest degree of maturity are the key to this delicious fruit brandy. Before reaching the market, the raspberry distillate is professionally aged according to the highest specifications. Characterized by its full aromatic bouquet and exceptional round taste, Etter Framboise is a superlative pleasure - harmonious and excellent.