Emanor Polish Vodka

"Emanor Prestige Vodka (80 proof) from Poland is a triple distilled rye vodka that arrived in the United States just as 2001 became 2002. Hallelujah- after a rotten year it is nice to start the next with something good, and Emanor is very good.

Emanor is produced by the constantly impressive Lancut (pronounced Wine-soot) Distillery of Lancut, Poland and named for the champion Arabian horse, Emanor. EPV, as it is called, it a viscous vodka. Chill a bottle in the freezer, pour a couple ounces in a fat rocks glass and swirl it; you'll see thick, tightly packed legs. The nose is sweet and grainy, and in the mouth it is rich, oily thick, grainy, and incredibly smooth. Like Lancut's wonderful QUOTES vodka, which we reviewed some time back, Emanor is superb; it's a vodka that any vodka lover must taste. Bravo. (Rating ****1/2)" - Kevin R. Kosar, Alcohol Reviews (www.alcoholreviews.com)