Ecco Domani Chianti

The wine was vinified using a maceration time of approximately eight days. The juice remained in contact with the skins during fermentation, using the remoutage or pump-over method. The temperature was held between 24-25 C during fermentation to encourage good color and tannins, while maintaining the rich fruit aromas characteristic of the Sangiovese grape. The wine was not oaked, to maintain freshness and vivacity. The juice remained in temperature controlled tanks until bottling in March 2005. Tasting Notes: Ecco Donmani's Chianti is a clear, ruby-red color, with reasonable depth and "legs", indicating good structure. The mouthfeel is soft and round on the palate. Aromas of cherries and fresh red fruit mingle with spicy, peppery notes. The fresh, well-structured character of this wine makes it an ideal complement to all types of pasta, hor d?eouvres, and red or white meats.