Early Times Kentucky Whiskey

Like most bottle whiskies, Early Times Whisky came into being later, 1860 to be exact, at a place called Early Times Station, Kentucky. Kentucky water is perfect for making whisky. It's naturally filtered through limestone springs which make it rich in minerals that add flavor and help with fermentation. Kentucky soil also plays its part, yielding plentiful crops of corn, barley and rye.

It wasn't until 1920 that Early Times really started to prosper. That was the year Congress passed the Volstead Act, and Prohibition began. Early Times, however, was designated a "medicinal" whisky, making it exempt from the law.

The Brown-Forman Company acquired Early Times in 1923, and over the next 30 years made Early Times the best-selling whisky in the country. Today its smoothness is savored in over 40 countries around the world.

Whisky industry icon Lincoln Henderson retired from his position of Early Times Master Distiller in 2004, handing the reins over to the well-deserving Chris Morris. That same year, Glenn Glaser succeeded Leo Reidinger as Distillery Manager.

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