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DRAMBUIE Liqueur is a secret recipe of herbs, spices and heather honey, crafted with aged scotch whiskies. It was created in 1745 as the personal elixir for Scotland’s rebel Prince Charles Edward Stuart (known as Bonnie Prince Charlie). Made by his personal apothecary, DRAMBUIE was crafted with the rarest and most exotic ingredients available at the time, including saffron and cinnamon.

DRAMBUIE: A Mystery Uncovered

  • DRAMBUIE Liqueur is first created for Prince Charles Edward Stuart, grandson of the last Stuart King of Britain. This secret elixir is crafted especially for him by his personal royal apothecary, upon his return from exile in Italy.
  • This secret recipe, made from the rarest and most exotic ingredients available at the time (most likely including saffron and cinnamon), was an elixir fit for royalty and would eventually come to be known as DRAMBUIE.
  • The Prince – affectionately nicknamed “Bonnie Prince Charlie” – gathers his highland clans in their last rebellion to march on England to reclaim what he believes to be his familial throne.
  • Initially successful, Bonnie Prince Charlie’s army is massacred at the battle of Culloden, the last battle to ever be fought on British soil.
  • Defeated, Scotland’s future is changed forever. Scottish clans were scattered - one reason why Scots can be found all over the world today.
  • Hunted across Scotland, and with an unprecedented bounty on his head, the Prince lands on the Isle of Skye where his loyal supporter Captain John MacKinnon shelters him and helps him secure safe passage to France.
  • Stripped of all possessions, the Prince gives MacKinnon the only belonging he has left: the secret recipe for DRAMBUIE.
  • The Prince’s drink is made secretly on Skye throughout the 19th century by the MacKinnon family.
  • DRAMBUIE (from the Gaelic “An Dram Buidheach” meaning “the drink that satisfies”) as we know it today, was first produced at the Broadford Inn on Skye. Today, the Inn still stands at the same location and is accepted as the spiritual home of DRAMBUIE.
  • DRAMBUIE is first patented.
  • DRAMBUIE is first bottled in mainland Scotland, with the first batch created in secret and labeled for sale to the public. To this day, that recipe has remained a closely-guarded secret.
  • The first advertisements for DRAMBUIE appear on the streets of Edinburgh, promoting “The gift of the Prince.”
  • Cases of DRAMBUIE are exported to the officers of British Army regiments around the world and international demand is established.
  • As popularity spreads, DRAMBUIE becomes the first liqueur to be accepted into the cellars of the British government.
  • DRAMBUIE carves out its place in popular culture, when the classic Rusty Nail cocktail first appears in bars throughout the Northeast of America.
  • The Rusty Nail, featuring equal parts DRAMBUIE liqueur and DEWAR’S blended scotch whisky, is quickly adopted and made famous by entertainers and the drink remains synonymous with that period to this day.
  • More than 260 years after its creation and 100 years after it was first bottled in Edinburgh, DRAMBUIE introduces a completely new clear bottle to showcase the unique elixir within. This contemporary take on a classic design pays homage to the storied history of DRAMBUIE, while preserving the integrity of the unchanged spirit within.
  • A new generation of adult drinkers is invited to discover DRAMBUIE and continue in a centuries-old tradition of risk, rebellion, passion and mystery.
  • Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, in a Rusty Nail, or in a newer cocktails, DRAMBUIE can still be found in homes, bars and fine drinking establishments around the world.

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