Doorly Rum XO

Somewhere in the hidden depths of the lush tropical forests, for those who seek the extraordinary, there lives a rare bird. It is the beautiful Blue Hyacinth Macaw. You can find the Blue Hyacinth Macaw on the label of DOORLY?S XO Fine Old Barbados Rum. Equally rare. Equally beautiful. From the House of Martin Doorly comes this rare rum of unparalleled excellence. Created through the time-old traditions of master blenders who have combined Barbados finest, oldest rums with a special second maturation. The special ?rare? second maturation takes place in solid oak Spanish Oloroso Sherry Casks, which ages DOORLY?S XO Fine Old Barbados Rum to perfection for a taste of exception smoothness and superiority. DOORLY?S XO. A RARE LEVEL OF EXCELLENCE. TRULY, A RARE LEGEND.