Don Juan Escobar Mezcal Gusano

Mezcal is a related drink and is the older form of the name for tequila as well. The name for the product made in Jalisco state was adopted in the late 19th century. Technically, all tequilas are mezcals, which were also known as mezcal wines and mezcal brandies before the name tequila became common. Today they are distinct products, differentiated by production process and taste, much the same way rye whisky and Scotch whisky differ. Most mezcal is made in Oaxaca state today. These tequilas are golden in color which may be due to the addition of coloring or herbs. After distillation they are aged for one or two months. It is the pursuit of this pallid flame, of the crisp, clear fire it burns within us, that makes us lift the glass of tequila to our lips and to savour the rare fragrance it imparts. Acapulco Blue oz. tequila oz. blue curacao oz. bar syrup 1 splash club soda Cactus Margarita 1 oz. tequila oz. pineapple concentrate 5 oz. sweet & sour or margarita mix 1 oz. cream of coconut 12 oz. ice