Don Cesar Pisco Puro

A nearly clear, 90-proof brandy distilled from wine grapes of the muscatel variety in Chile and Peru, this youthful spirit was first produced in the 16th century in Peru's Pisco Valley. The word comes from Quechua, and originally referred to the fired clay pots in which the Quechua stored their chicha (a local spirit). According to one source, "many producers have modern mechanical presses, but in some smaller outfits the grapes are still trodden". Pisco Don Cesar is the best Pisco you can buy. Every year the Sheraton Hotel in Lima, Peru hosts a Pisco Tasting, and for the past eight years Pisco Don Cesar won. Pisco Don Cesar is the only Pisco served there, as in many other great restaurants in Peru. PISCO PURO * Pisco Puro is made from black grapes and mostly used in mixed drinks.