Don Aquiles Mezcal

Don Aquiles is a very fine Mezcal produced in Oaxaca. Oaxaca ranks first place in the production of Mezcal, eight million liters during the year 2000. The manual production is one of the most important characteristics of Mezcal. The production of Mezcal has not suffered any significant changes in technology as opposed to Tequila's productive processes that have been modernized in order to obtain industrial volumes of the beverage. For this reason alone Mezcal is quietly emerging as a quality and preferred alternative to Tequila and is often referred to as "The other Tequila". Mezcal comes from the species Angustifolia Haw, which is a larger Agave plant (Maguey) and contains more sugars. (Green Agave). The Agave plant absorbs 7 to 9 years of energy from the soil and sun before it ripens and Mezcal can be obtained. The Mezcal is distilled and then placed in barrels from two months to a year for Mezcal Reposado. The barrels are made of white oak or Encino. Don Aquiles goes through a double filtration process and then bottled. Don Aquiles is very smooth Mezcal contained in a beautiful handcrafted bottle ready to be enjoyed by those who know quality.