Don Amado Mezcal

Don Amado Mezcal is made from 100% estate-grown agave plants that have been smoke & steam roasted, naturally fermented and twice-distilled. Don Amado's producers have been making our special mezcal since the year 1700, and are renown throughout Oaxaca for creafting a spirit that livens the senses with the citrus, floral effervescence of agave. In 1995 we founded the Compañía de Mezcal Reunión in Oaxaca to market Don Amado Mezcal in Mexico as well as internationally. In 1996, we founded the Reunion Mezcal Company in California to import and market Don Amado Mezcal around the United States. Happily, Don Amado Mezcal can now be found in many restaurants, stores and bars around California, and gradually in other states. We make Don Amado Mezcal from our own agave plants with an attention to detail and quality that can only be born from three centuries of heritage and craftsmanship. Presented in hand-blown glass bottles sealed with corked tops, Don Amado is available in Mexico and around the U.S.