Domaine Charbay Key Lime Vodka

It's cocktail time. Everyone knows what they expect from fresh fruit. So get ready to have all of your senses treated with the CHARBAY genuine fresh whole fruit flavored vodkas. Key Limes conger up memories of Key Lime Pie, tropical places and holiday drinks. All those tangy refreshing Key Lime flavors have been distilled into a playful Fresh Fruit Flavored Vodka. Classic drinks like the 'Salty Dog' to Marko's 'CHARBAY Holiday' all make cocktails a little more fun. Miles and Marko have captured the fruit in the peak of the season to bring to you the ultimate flavors year around in your specially distilled CHARBAYTM Vodka. We distill only in season. The color follows the fruit: nothing is added. It's a vodka of passion. Marko and Miles promise to always bring to you the fruit's honest personality. From real fruit. CHARBAY Scallops Sautee 12 large scallops in a skillet with a teaspoon of olive oil; once cooked, flambé with CHARBAY Key Lime Vodka.