Domaine Charbay Blood Orange Vodka

It's cocktail time! Everyone knows what they expect from fresh fruit. So be ready to have all of your senses treated with these genuine fresh whole fruit flavored vodkas anyway you serve them. Blood Oranges are festive. When you cut them open, the inside is red and juicy. The juice has been described as a spicy berry orange. It's delicious and getting popular here in the United States. If you stay in Rome, chances are your morning orange juice will be from Blood Oranges, a surprisingly red color for orange juice! Miles and Marko, who are always after the freshest flavors to distill, have captured the fruit in the peak of the season to bring to you the ultimate flavors year around in your CHARBAYTM VODKA. The goal of CHARBAYTM is to continuously bring to you, fresh fruit year around at the quality level we set for the industry. "We don't try to duplicate nature, we use it, " says Marko. "Our vodkas are distilled only in season."