DNA Alcoholic Spring Water

An alcoholic spring water beverage released in Australia in 1995 is leaving its imprint on young adult drinkers all around the Globe.

The drink, named DNA, is produced using genuine natural spring water cleverly combined with the natural citrus flavour of lime and the herbal flavour of thyme.

DNA is a naturally flavoured, premium, carbonated spring water drink, which has a naturally fermented alcohol base with an alcohol content of 5% by volume.

It is named after the basic building block of living things - DNA - the organic chemical Deoxyribonucleic Acid - famous for its role in genetic 'fingerprinting' through the detection and identification technique developed in the 1980's.

The label image is striking, featuring a green fluorescent thumbprint and the DNA branding. The thumbprint label on the back of the clear bottle also becomes greatly magnified when viewed through the crystal clear contents - and its 'glow-in-the-dark' quality has further enhanced its fun value in nightclubs and bars.

The parallel between the concept of DNA and the beverage is clear. DNA alcoholic spring water has been developed for the discerning individual, not the masses - there is nothing more individual than a thumbprint or an individual's own DNA make-up.

The overall result is a contemporary brand image, which is strong, confident, unique and appealing to the 'new age' beverage drinkers' sense of individuality.

South Australian-based South State Food & Beverage Pty Ltd, which produces DNA, identified the opportunity to further, expand a growing niche market.

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