Dewars Signature Blended Scotch Whisky

Dewars Signature Blended Scotch Whisky Photo

DEWAR'S Signature is the culmination of more than 150 years of blending tradition, yet few will ever be privileged to experience a whisky this sublime, this rarefied and this complex. At the heart of this blend is Aberfeldy Single Malt, aged beyond its years, adding distinction and maturity to the other fine and rare whiskies specially selected for our 'signature' style.

The Marrying Process Only with the final extra 'marrying' in vintage oak casks, a stage both expensive and time consuming, do the individual whiskies harmonise so that the mellow flavour of DEWAR'S Signature can reach its exquisitely balanced maturity.

Limited Edition Strictly limited quantities of DEWAR'S Signature are released, each bottle numbered by hand and its quality guaranteed unconditionally. Each bottle carries the Dewar signature and, with it, the reputation of generations.

Colour: Deep golden amber

Nose: Sweet and balanced. Rich, fruity mellow notes of sultanas, raisins, apples and honey with vanilla and toffee overtones

Palate: Sweet and smooth with a full bodied creamy texture and mouth warming effect

Body: Full bodied

Finish: Long and pleasant with a slightly dry finish