Desert Juniper Gin

DESERT JUNIPER GIN ? 82-proof. Lower proof and slightly more robust juniper flavor.Desert Juniper Gin adheres to the same standards as the Cascade Mountain Gin. It's made from wild, handpicked juniper berries with no artificial flavorings or aromatics. It has a lower alcohol content (82 proof) and more pronounced juniper character than the Cascade. The result is a gin that has less of the dry flavor of alcohol up front and finishes a little sweeter. Cocktail Suggestions Desert Juniper Gin works well in a very dry martini, particularly when you want a more flavorful cocktail without having to rely on the vermouth. The bolder juniper flavor also compliments the lime in a gin & tonic. Bendistillery limits production of spirits crafted only in small batches using the freshest natural ingredients available. Unlike most commercially produced spirits, We never use any extracts, perfumes, or other chemicals. We believe in moderation and hope you will enjoy our products wholeheartedly?but please drink responsibly.