Der Lachs Goldwasser

In the year 1598 Ambrosien Vermoellen in Danzig created its Likoerfabrik.. From the year 1606 originates a prescription book, which carefully guarded, which got over many times. Thus the original prescriptions of the different Lachslikoere are present like the "Danziger gold water" black on white. And there still today according to its data one burns, is guaranteed: which we pour out ourselves today, the same, which one drank 1606, is real. The burned water in former times completely naturally as something healthy were regarded, whose benefit does simply well. Beyond that however here perhaps also the solution lies hidden, why actually in the Danziger gold water the breath dunes 22 karaetigen gold lamellas swim? Completely simply, because gold, when noblest and purest element can have, only a pure and improving effect on humans. 1704 took place the removal into the width lane, Danzigs best situation. Instead of a house number at that time each house received a symbol, in this case "the salmon". If we continue still a few years, then a further traditional trade mark finds its clearing-up: the letter sequence IWL. stands for LING "for" ISAAC WED -, brother-in-law of the establishment grandchild, Salomon Vermoellen, which took over the Destillerie. After its death in the year 1711 the business was resumed by its widow and its son-in-law, Dirck Hekker. Since then the full name stands on the label: ISAAC WED - LING WWE & EYDAM DIRCK HEKKER. Today the symbol on the bottle, perhaps most remarkable for us, is however the David star: was there, after the establishment by Christian Mennoniten, also a Jewish connection? No, in former times the six-jagged star was used in completely Europe as Amulett, which turns the bad away and brings health. In this meaning one always regains it as pub sign. On the bottle it stands as an indication of well-being and health. 300 years the gold water in Danzig was manufactured. 1922, after the isolation Danzigs due to the Versailler of contract, continued to pull the salmon to Berlin. The new political order after that 2. World war let move the salmon a last mark, after the Graeflichen Kornbrennerei hard mountain, in Noerten Hardenberg. After there it brought the old distillation system and the original prescription of 1606 also. Drunk the "SALMON" is ice-cooled or "on the of skirt"; in addition, with sparkling wine filled up this likoer inspires.