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Stemming from an old Charente family in which the property rights date back to 1777, the Fontgireau domain has always been committed to the production of cognac and its aging process. The Laroche family owners of the domain until 1949, had already started to produce cognac in a way that resembled a cottage industry and marketed it to prestigious companies. From 1949 onwards, Pierre Fougerat took control of the domain's destiny and increased the size of the vineyard. He knew how to master and improve the production and the ageing of his cognacs that, for three consecutive years, won the First Prize of the best Eau de Vie from the Petite Champagne. Then his son-in-law, Jacques Delpech, took control of the domain by increasing the size of the vineyard and from 1976 expanding out into the production of Pineau. The latter also possessed the "La Cigogne" domain's with 7 hectares of vineyards and a walnut tree orchard. Today, it is his son, Etienne Delpech, who manages the two domains and, with the help of his team, manages the marketing of the complete product range all over the world? ?