Delamain Pale & Dry Grand Chateau Cognac

Delamain & Co. is one of the last family-owned Cognac firms of international stature, known for its exquisite, handcrafted Cognacs. Delamain Cognacs are unique in that they are produced exclusively from the Grande Chamapgne, Cognac?s most highly rated cru. Their rarity also lies in their advanced age. Because the youngest of Delamain?s cognacs far exceeds the minimum age designations, these spirits are named rather for their intensely complex, delicate and natural elegance. DELAMAIN PALE & DRY X.O., GRANDE CHAMPAGNE COGNAC Delamain Pale & Dry is blended from cognacs of an average age of 25 years. Transparent, pale gold in color, it is marked by a superb delicacy and refinement, with lingering grape and vanilla notes, 40% alcohol by volume.