Delaforce His Eminence Tawny Port 10year

His Eminence's Choice, the distinguished and most famous of all the Ports produced by Delaforce, was first put on sale back in the 1930's. The label itself was originally taken from the painting purchased by Henry Delaforce in the early 1920's and this now hangs in the Delaforce offices in Oporto. The wine is carefully blended after full tasting and examination of Delaforce ports which are selected from the best areas of the Douro port region at every year's production to become reserves for His Eminence. These reserves will remain maturing in casks over many years in Vila Nova de Gaia until they reach the mellow perfection for which it has justly gained much fame. His Eminence's Chois is best served at room temperture or lightly chilled in the summer to enjoy the rich bouquet and taste. Tasting Notes Fresh, ripe, plummy, raisin aromas. Rich, full, mouth-filling; delicious jam raisin and date flavours. Very well balanced, elegant and harmonious port wine.