Dark Rum

White Rum might be among the most popular rum varieties out there today, but anyone looking for a rich flavor in their drink will surely reach for the Dark Rum.

Also referred to as Black Rum, Dark Rum is one grade darker than is gold counterpart. Unlike White Rum, which is often aged in stainless steel or oak casks, Dark Rumís aging process is much longer and usually takes place in barrels that have been heavily charred. Gold and light Rums usually have a much milder flavor, whereas Dark Rumís flavor is quite strong. In fact, some find that Dark Rum is much sweeter. Anyone with a taste for the spirit has surely detected notes of caramel, spices, molasses, and vanilla, among other things that make this variety stand out from the rest.

Dark Rum is a popular ingredient in rum drinks because it not only lends color, but great substance to the mix. While heavy-bodied Dark Rum is a key ingredient that stands alone in recipes such as rum punches, youíll also find that it can be mixed with lighter versions of the spirit to create tasty concoctions like the Hurricane.

Not only can you find the spirit among the list of ingredients in drink recipes, you will also see it among the pages in cookbooks as a fun and flavorful addition to some cuisine. Rum might be a great addition to drinks and food, but it is also outstanding when consumed alone.

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