Dalmore Cigar Malt Highland Malt Whisky

Dalmore Cigar Malt Highland Malt Whisky Photo

Deep, golden mahogany.

Firm and positive. An outstanding array of malty congeners explode in a complex, distinguished manner. Elegant and refined. Pleasant notes of citrus, heavy fruits flaunt themselves in a stylish but forceful bouquet - yet an even balance prevails as the soft sherry tones complete this gallery of aromas.

The strong malty flavours tantalise the tongue - covering it with a cloak of classic flavours which linger long in the mouth. This outstanding taste is a perfect accompaniment with the finest of tobacco - both compliment each other. However, to fully appreciate these fine attributes time must be allowed in the mouth - the repository of knowledge and fulfilment. A multitude of flavours rise to the occasion and generate a glowing aftertaste.

The name of Dalmore is synonymous with perfection in whisky-making.

For over 160 years, the distillery has produced malts of great character and distinction. The Dalmore Single Highland Malt Whisky Collection has won numerous, prestigious awards and is recognised as being one of the finest distilleries in the world.

The malts which make up this collection, the twelve years old, the twenty-one years old and the cigar malt have been maturing under the careful eye and expertise of Scottie and his colleagues at the Dalmore distillery. Each is matured in a wooden cask selected from a choice which includes sherry wood and American white oak which, along with the years and the climate, contributes to the flavour of each malt.

From Norse and Gaelic, Dalmore means "the big meadowland" referring to the rich and fertile Black Isle, on the opposite shore of the Cromarty Firth from the distillery. The pure waters of the River Alness are used to produce The Dalmore, producing some of Scotland's very finest Single Highland Malt whiskies. Each of these three exceptional malts has its own unique character.