Cruzan Black Strap Rum

Cruzan Black Strap Rum Photo

In sugar refining, molasses is separated from the sugar crystals after each of three boiling or extraction processes that sugar cane goes through. The third and final separation is called ‘blackstrap’ molasses, a dark, thick molasses with most of the sugar removed.

The richly colored Black Strap Rum is made from ingredients found only in the fermentation and distillation of cane molasses (as are all of the Cruzan Rum light and dark rum products). With purity as the foundation of its manufacture and using a proprietary yeast formulation, the fermentation process for Black Strap occurs rapidly, keeping fusels and heads to a minimum while allowing the end-product to mesmerize with its oil spill-like appearance atop a traditional cocktail or smoothly satisfy when served on its own.

The ‘buoyant’ body of this celebrated rum is from the molasses’ consistency, not from the fusels and heads typically generated in a slow-fermentation rum. With only one-tenth of one percent concentrated fusel in its blend, Black Strap Rum’s fusel content is still lower than that of many traditional dark rums on the market, to which its overall smoothness attests, even when served neat.

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