Cristall Russian Vodka

The special Russian patent formula which includes the use of Russia's natural Glacier waters is a two stage process. The first stage is to pre-treat the water so as to achieve a specific change in the chemical and mineral level of the water by a process known only to the Distillery. During the second stage the water is again treated and filtered by the process method of reverse osmosis. After the two stage water pre-treatment is completed and the required quality of the water has been obtained in accordance with the patented formula, it is then combined with the finest quality alcohol which must meet the Luxe alcohol standards in Russia and is thereafter uniquely filtered at a pre-designed controlled rate of filtration through various columns of activated charcoal and other final processes which are required to complete the distilleries rigid patented recipe formula. It is this process of production which creates and categorizes the "CRISTALL" vodka not only as being the finest vodka in the world, but also as being unmatched by any other vodka currently in the market. "CRISTALL" is considered to be a one of a kind vodka product which is un-compromised in quality and known throughout the world for its smoothness to the palate of the consumer and easily is distinguished and recognized by its special unique taste and aroma. The special and unique patent formula and manufacturing process for the "CRISTALL" product by Moscow Distillery Cristall also yields additional benefits to the consumers since "CRISTALL VODKA" does not contain any added sweeteners, sugars and/or glucose additives as its currently required and widely used by other vodka products in the market. In addition, the pretreatment of the water as to its chemical balance and controlled filtration process used in the production of "CRISTALL", has increased and extended the shelf and storage life of the "CRISTALL VODKA" to a time period in excess of two years. Although, there have been many attempts to duplicate this super ultra premium vodka products, all attempts have been unsuccessful since the exact special formula, it's creation and recipe is a closely guarded secret of the distillery and is protected under Russian laws in accordance with the Author's Certificate issued by the State Committee for Inventions and Discoveries, an agency of the Russian Government.