Cristall Lemon Vodka

For the perfect gift on that special occasion or holiday, nothing compares to gift of the world famous super ultra premium "CRISTALL Moscow SIGNATURE SERIES", Russian vodka or the recently introduced "CRISTALL LEMON TWIST", the unique super ultra premium natural Lemon flavored Russian vodka. "CRISTALL Moscow SIGNATURE SERIES", Russian vodka, formerly sold in the United States and other parts of the world under the brand name of "STOLICHNAYA CRISTALL", as produced solely by the world renown Moscow Distillery Cristall is known as the super ultra premium vodka that is PURE TASTE and PURE PLEASURE. Its uncompromising quality and smoothness will surely please the most discrimination consumer. Clearly the right choice when Compromise is Unacceptable. With "CRISTALL LEMON TWIST", its unique, subtle, natural Lemon flavor makes it remarkably sensuous in taste and sensational in its flexibility for imaginative cocktails. An ultra premium Russian vodka that is a refreshing new flavor sensation... With a TWIST!