Crater Laker Vodka

CRATER LAKE VODKA ? 80 proof. Filter 10 times through charcoal and crushed volcanic rock and aged slightly in new oak. Throughout history most enlightened cultures have produced their own version of vodka, and the most enlightened vodkas are clean, pure and subtle. Often mistakenly called flavorless, great vodkas are as diverse as they are subtle and complex. The secret to understanding vodka is to be aware of its feel and texture, not just the taste. Ultra-premium vodka begins with either fermented grain or potatoes. Grains tend to produce a softer vodka and potatoes a sharper feel. Because of this, virtually all of the best vodkas are made from grain, but some traditional Russian and Polish potato vodkas can be found. (Although even Stoli and Smirnoff are grain vodkas.) The skill and style used in distillation also has a tremendous impact on the character of the vodka. Techniques vary, but most ultra-premium vodkas are made from only the "heart" or "center cut" of the distillate (meaning the first and last portions of the spirit as it comes out of the still is discarded) and then filtered three to four times. Crater Lake Vodka uses the premium center cut of the distillate and is filtered 10 times through charcoal and crushed volcanic rock and aged slightly in oak to give it a rounder, gentler texture. (Skyy, widely considered one of the best commercially produced vodkas, proudly advertises that they filter three times). This technique produces vodka of unparalleled nuances and smoothness. Cocktail Suggestions Crater Lake Vodka can be served as a handcrafted alternative to such spirits as Stoli, Absolut or Belvedere in any vodka cocktail. The vodka connoisseurs will appreciate tasting the Crater Lake side by side with any other vodka on the shelf.