Coyopa Rum

Please note that this bottle does not play music or light up.
Coyopa is made from sugarcane gathered during the great Crop Over Festival of Barbados, the annual celebration of the sugarcane harvest. The cane is pressed and the molasses is mixed with fresh spring water that is naturally filtered through fine coral. After distillation, the rum is aged ten years in oak casks. During this time, Coyopa gains its character and depth. Created by liquor legend Sidney Frank, Coyopa is made in the state-of-the-art R.L. Seale Distillery of Barbados. Originally a sugar factory, the Seale family converted it into Barbados? premiere rum distillery. While the Seale Distillery continues the rich tradition of rum making, its modern design allows it to create the best rum imaginable without harming the environment and the island?s natural beauty. Rum meets rocket science? When creator Sidney Frank dreamt of Coyopa Rum, he knew that only a very special bottle could contain this dynamic, charismatic rum. The bottle had to have as much character as the rum itself. Hundreds of years ago, before Europeans landed on the shores of Barbados, legend has it there lived a people who had lightening coursing through their veins. These natives possessed a powerful energy that manifested itself through their celebrations and their songs. This spirit was called Coyopa. When this race of people left Barbados, the spirit remained on the island. It is a spirit that is still alive in the people of Barbados, their music, their dance, and their rum. Coyopa Rum is a full-bodied rum from the island of Barbados. Made with island sugarcane and aged ten years in oak casks, Coyopa embodies the spirit of Barbados. Coyopa has a buttery molasses aroma and a decadently rich taste.