Courvoisier Cognac XO Imperial

Courvoisier XO Imperial - Voted "Best Cognac in the World" at the 1994 Wine & Spirits competition. This extraordinary cognac in its famous tear-shaped bottle is an exquisite gift. XO means "Extra Old" and Courvoisier XO Imperial is judged to be the world's finest XO and is an exclusive blend of cognacs from the Grande Champagne and very old Borderies regions. Containing cognacs aged for 20 - 35 years, Courvoisier XO adequately meets the BNIC's legal requirement that it is made of cognacs that are at least 6 189; years old. Courvoisier XO Imperial is intensely aromatic with a play of velvet sweetness and distinct ours of orange, vanilla and spice. The Courvoisier XO Imperial bottle resembles a drop of perfume, reflecting the delicate and refined spirit inside. 90 - Courvoisier XO Imperial, France, 80 Proof 750 ml (Tasted 2/1995). "Dark amber. Full-bodied. Rich, creamy. Pine, dried apricot, mocha, butterscotch. A sensation of sweetness without being sweet." -