Conecuh Ridge Whiskey

Just a few years ago only a select few could taste the smooth, mellow whiskey Clyde May brewed in South Alabama. Take just one sip and you'll understand why folks from miles around risked a brush with the law for a bottle of Mr. Clyde's Alabama Moonshine Bourbon. Using a recipe passed down for generations, Conecuh Ridge is made with the purest spring water and the best whole grains. Aged to perfection in caramel-charred white oak barrels, Clyde May's famous whiskey is now available, legally, for you to enjoy. In the hills and hollows of South Alabama, Clyde May made the best moonshine bourbon in the South. Consumed by quality and attention to the craft, Mr. Clyde spent his life perfecting the art of small-batch whiskey making. His famous product was admired by not only the fans of his masterful Alabama Moonshine Bourbon, but also by the federal revenue officers duty-bound to chase him across the Alabama's red-clay roads. Conecuh Ridge takes pride in keeping true to Clyde's original recipe for fine whiskey. Clyde May's core values live on in the product today. Good whiskey starts with the purest water and finest ingredients. Conecoh Ridge is committed to the expensive and time-consuming process of making whiskey in small batches, using master distillers, not automated machines. And they believe that sophisticated taste can only be achieved with time. Good whiskey can't be rushed. The result is a warm amber whiskey with rich finish. Each sip will make you want to linger just a little longer and savor its purity, just as Mr. Clyde intended. If you drive down deep in the heart of Conecuh Ridge, you'll soon find that the flat black-belt, so famous for its rich soil and cotton-spotted history, gives way to a sandy rise. This is what it's all about &8211; an enormous natural deviation of pure sand. Spring heads and artesian wells abound in this region of the state, gushing forth the cleanest, brightest spring water in the South. You simply can't find a purer water source. And that's how we start a bottle of Clyde May's Conecuh Ridge. One taste of this rich amber whiskey, and you'll know how pre-prohibition bourbon made its mark on the American South. Conecuh Ridge is carefully crafted to 90 proof, using whole-grains to create a southern sour mash that can't be beat. Once fermented and distilled the resulting clear liquid is poured into charred white oak barrels where it is aged for a year or more. While that may not sound like a lot of time to a Scot or a Canadian whiskey maker, our aging process is naturally enhanced by Alabama's hot summers. The rich golden result is as mellow and gentle a whiskey as we believe you'll find. As featured in Maxim