Combier Rouge Cherry Liqueur

Combier Rouge Cherry Liqueur Photo

Light and fruity with hints of pepper and licorice, Combier Rouge is comprised of a blend of guignes and Morello cherries for their aroma and spiciness and black cherries for their deep color. The result is a gentle and sweet cherry-flavored liqueur with a rich ruby appearance. Made entirely with 100% natural ingredients, Rouge contains no added sugar and is sweetened entirely from the fruits themselves.

The original composition for Rouge was first conceived in 1632 by the Reverend Mother Gautron of the Benedictine Abbey of Samur, and became so popular that it delighted the court of King Louis XIV. True to tradition, it is still produced much like it was nearly 400 years ago. Through this technique, Rouge continues to be considered one of the finest cherry liqueurs available on the market.

With the launch of Rouge, La Distillerie Combier also aims to reintroduce the European tradition of the apéritif to the U.S. market. Used to stimulate the appetite prior to a meal, the custom became fashionable in 19th century and continues to be popular throughout Europe and the Mediterranean to this day. As the perfect discovery for taste buds prior to fine dining, Combier Rouge cleanses the palate and refreshes the mouth.

With the introduction of Rouge to the U.S. market, the value of honoring tradition is once again on display. Using authentic recipes and superior ingredients, the Combier distillery continues to produce spirits using the original processes and techniques that were first used over a century ago. Every bottle is produced, packaged, and shipped from the same location since 1834.

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