Clynelish Single Malt Scotch 18 year old - Benivor

A hilltop, set in the Western Isles of Scotland, Benivor (Ben-Aye-Vor) evokes the magic and majesty of these remote islands, whose nearest neighbor to the west is North America. Far removed from the outside world, the Gaelic language still flourishes, the rich tradition of music and dance is very much alive, and peat, so important in the crafting of Scotch Whisky, is still extracted for domestic fuel. Overlooking spectacular beaches, where the harsh waters of the North Atlantic meet the warm currents from the Gulf of Mexico, Benivor represents timelessness, tranquillity and a certain complexity, befitting the range of whiskies which bear its name. The character of Scotch whisky is influenced by many factors, but prime amongst these is the quality of the casks and the storage conditions in which the whisky has been matured. The type and age of the wood from which the casks are made are critical components in the unique maturation process of Scotch whisky. As the whisky slowly ages, it is essential that the spirit is able to extract the right essence from the wood, gradually absorbing over years the different fragrances, which will give the finished product its own individual personality. As well as the type and size of cask in which the whisky is matured, a further important element is the storage conditions in which the whisky is held. The ideal conditions are traditional earth floor buildings, where the moisture in the air assists the maturation process, slowly permeating through the casks over many years, carrying with it the vital aromas from the wood. Judging when the whisky has reached the peak of perfection is a rare art. The casks used for Benivor Elite Selection have been individually selected by Wallace Milroy, the world renowned authority on Scotch Whisky. A unique collection of Single Malt Scotch Whiskies, the BENIVOR ELITE SELECTION brings to devotees of single malts, the gems from Scotland's great distilleries. Hand picked rather than randomly chosen, the BENIVIOR ELITE SELECTION of whiskies is the result of hours of expert nosing. Many samples will be considered, but only the best will be selected. Bottled at ambient temperature, the essential esters have been retained and the original style is enhanced with all color coming naturally from the wood, as the whisky gently matures over the years. The casks in the BENIVOR ELITE SELECTION have been chosen by Wallace Milroy for their individual pedigree, bringing to customers an unrivalled range of tastes and the best that Scotland's distilleries can offer.