Clontarf Single Malt Whiskey

Clontarf Single Malt Whiskey Photo

A deceptively distinguished malt that offers more complexity than first meets the eye.

Clontarf is an ancient village nestled along Dublin Bay's northern shore. It was here in the year 1014 that High King Brian Boru defeated a mighty Viking army--the famous Battle of Clontarf. Today, Clontarf is a suburb of the bustling capital of Dublin.

Clontarf Irish Whiskey:
The Clontarf family are Irish whiskeys of distinction. The purity of the Irish elements is reflected in their smooth, full flavor. The inspirational marriage of Old World ingredients and New World techniques give the Clontarf whiskeys a style of their own. As tradition dictates, only the finest grain and purest Irish spring water are used in the delicate distillation process. Clontarf is then mellowed through Atlantic Irish oak charcoal. Finally, Clontarf is gently aged in New World bourbon barrels giving a silky soft texture to this fine range of Irish whiskeys.