Cinnamon Vodka

Whether itís used as an ingredient or as a garnish, cinnamon is a spice that can really kick up the flavor in entrees, appetizers, desserts, and even drinks. While it isnít unusual to see cinnamon garnishing a drink, you donít often see it as a drink ingredient, unless itís in a recipe such as hot mulled cider. Now itís easier than ever to create cinnamon flavored cocktails thanks to cinnamon vodka. Many brands offer a cinnamon flavored version of their popular vodkas. But, if youíd prefer to make your own, itís easier than you think. Simply place a cinnamon stick or two in a bottle of your favorite vodka, let it sit for about a month to allow the flavors to marry, and youíll have a cinnamon flavored vodka that canít be beat.