Christiania Vodka

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From two key ingredients, organic "Trondelag" potatoes and pure Norwegian water, Christiania is distilled six times, then charcoal filtered and then aerated, eliminating the last of the impurities for ultimate smoothness. This is according to a tightly-guarded recipe which originated in the court of Norway's Bohemian King, Christian IV over 400 years ago.

The nose is subtle. The vodka is round in the mouth. The finish is distinclty cool. And this is where the legend of 'The World's Smoothest Vodka' begins. Because Christiania is distilled from the very special Trondelag potatoes, there's a faint sweetness which prompts some to say this is in fact the world's first sipping vodka.

Christiania is crafted at the venerable 200-year-old Arcus Distillery in Norway. The award-winning bottle with the distinct blue glass and ultra-smooth finish is created at the Stolzle factory in the North of England. The result is a product that is smooth, through and though.

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