Celtic Crossing Liqueur

Celtic Crossing Liqueur Photo

A unique combination of Irish spirits and cognac… with a taste of honey. Great either straight up or on the rocks, it can also be mixed into a limitless number of delicious and innovative cocktails.

Bottled and produced in Ireland, Celtic Crossing is a truly unique liqueur with a taste all its own. Although its recipe is a closely guarded secret, we can tell you that Celtic Crossing is a blend of the finest Irish whiskey, fine French Cognac, and a hint of honey. The result is flavorful, subtle taste that is a true reflection of the spirit of Ireland in all its glory.

Named in honor of the millions of Irish who have crossed over to settle around the world, Celtic Crossing’s delicate flavor and subtle sweetness make it the perfect choice to enjoy on the rocks, as a shot, in a martini or a hot toddie. It’s easy to see why we receive hundreds of letters from people who’ve enjoyed it in Ireland and want to find it in America.

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