Cardinal Mendoza Brandy Carta Real

"Cardenal Mendoza" Carta Real has been created with the purpose of satisfying the most exigent brandy consumers. In 1981, with its eyes set on the new millennium, Sanchez Romate Hnos. set aside a reserve of "Cardenal Mendoza". This brandy has remained under the constant attention of its foremen since then. Time has created a unique brandy. It is a "Cardenal Mendoza" to which time has added even more special characteristics, softening them and maximising them. The presentation of the brandy is sober and elegant like a "Carta Real" (royal letter). Appearance: Dark mahogany, luminous, transparent, gleaming. Aroma: Round, clean, elegant, reminders of wine, distinguished, with hints of raisins and plums. Taste: Well-balanced, smooth, perfectly rounded, slightly sweet, persistent after taste