Capella Hazelnut

The History of Capella Capella's story begins with the uniquely delicious filbert nuts, known to Italians as "nocciola", indigenous to the mountains of northern Italy. The mineral rich terrain, coupled with the region's dry cool mountain air, produces a nut with an intense and richly concentrated flavor. Part of the hazelnut family, filberts were enjoyed as early as the beginning of the Roman Empire. It was the Romans who first roasted the tiny nut to enhance its flavor and release its uncommon full bodied aroma. Expansion of the Empire spread the nut's popularity throughout the Italian peninsula and beyond, and filberts became highly prized for the uses in baking. To this day, "nocciolini" cookies made with filberts are one the region's most loved delicacies. In the Middle Ages, filbert nuts were harvested each year on August 22nd, the Feast of Saint Philiberto, from whence this tasty nut derives its modern name. The Feast was a time of celebration and thanksgiving, during which the region's farmers shared their good fortune and expressed gratitude for their abundant harvests. Legend has it, many marriages were also celebrated around the Feast Day and the filbert became a symbol of both wealth and fertility. As the Italian Renaissance gave rise to music, art and science, alchemists in search of life giving elixirs began experimenting with distillations of woods, flowers, and nuts. The aromatic and alluringly flavorful filberts were an obvious choice for these inspired drinks. Hence, Capella liqueur was born. Historians suggested the delicious nutty liqueur was especially popular in Tuscany, and was enjoyed as an after dinner digestive at large formal gatherings. The writers of the Renaissance sang its prasies and made it known amongst te nobility of the Mediterranean. Capella's rich flavour and smooth texture made it popular both at home and abroad. CAPELLA Liqueur is: - Produced and bottled in Italy using the same time honored traditions relied upon for centuries. - Is a rich and vibrant liqueur created from the abundantly flavorful filbert nut, (known to Italians as the "nocciola"), indigenous to the mountains of northern Italy. - Deliciously unique and at 48 degrees surrounds the palate with the uncommon nuttiness, smooth flavor, and full bodied aroma of the "nocciola". - Rich in color, unique 750ml bottle design, and classic old world label create a liqueur without equal in taste, quality, and beauty. - A delightful after-dinner drink, an inspiring cocktail, and the ingredient that turns a simple dessert into an elegant occasion. - An experience true connoisseurs will savor and respect.