Candolini Grappa Bianca

Candolini Grappa is one of the oldest labels in the highly competitive market for Italian grappas. Candolini Grappa is made from 85% free-running grape juice as well as distilled pips and stems (thus giving it a taste superior to that of most grappas, which are made from the pips and stems alone). Aromatic and flavorful, Candolini Grappa, with its traditional 19th-century bottle, is a classic among Italian distillates and remains?after more than one hundred years of production?one of the best selling spirits available today. Candolini Grappa can be used to spike coffee (for caffè corretto) or to deglaze pan-cooked poultry, but is best when sipped in frozen glasses with friends around a fire after a satisfying meal. When infused with rue (ruta in Italian, an ancient European herb used to aromatize meats and spirits),