Cabana Cachaca

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In the same way it is clear what makes a super model different from another pretty face, Cabana elevates and refines cachaça from its overly vegetal and harsh taste to a smooth and versatile elixir in very distinct ways. Cabana is authentic to the core - distilled, aged and estate bottled at source in Brasil, unlike others which are mass produced and shipped in bulk for bottling outside of Brasil. Additionally, Cabana is the first imported cachaça to be hand crafted in small batches, double-distilled in copper pot stills and mellowed for six months in Brasilian Jequitibá wooden barrels. Cabana’s innovative production process strips out the impurities common in most cachaça, while isolating the desirable characteristics that make it unique.

Cabana Cachaça was launched in 2006 by Matti C. Anttila, a twenty-something New York investment banker turned spirits entrepreneur who first discovered cachaça while experiencing the heady nightlife of Rio de Janeiro.

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