Caballeros Mezcal Anejo

SCORPION brand (formerly El Senor) Premium quality Mezcal is an artisan made single barrel botteling process 100% Agave distilled spirit. Caballeros brand Mezcals are TRIPLE distilled. Both brands contain a real scorpion. All CABALLEROS brand and SCORPION Mezcals are super premium or premium quality distilled spirits. All varieties contain a Real Scorpion. "WORMS ARE FOR WIMPS!" Forget it! What about Mezcal with a scorpion? One of Caballeros and Scorpion Mezcals's distinguishing features is that our whole range of quality Mezcal 100% agave distilled spirits come with a real Scorpion! A real SCORPION. Yes, Mezcal with a Real Scorpion in the bottle and the Mezcal doesn't only taste GREAT, it makes a great novelty gift! What's more, for the Zodiac watchers out there, add a bottle to your collection or give a gift for a fellow Scorpio. After all, at least twelve percent of the population has to be a Scorpio or knows one right? Most mezcals have a worm and "the Guys" think that they are real macho eating the worm. Caballeros does not advocate eating the actual scorpion in the bottle but recommends that if you must eat it, to chew properly and adaquately before swallowing.