Brugal Anejo Rum

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  • Age: Blend of rums aged 2-5 years
  • Flavor palate: Buttery in the mouth with a slight hint of caramel and wood tannin, however dry in an overall sense.
  • Nose: Light aroma of wood with a likeness to chocolate and vanilla
  • Color: Amber, bright and clean, it is considered the most balanced of the Brugal Rum line.

Brugal Rum, the #1 rum in the Caribbean, has made premium quality rums since 1888 when it was founded by Don Andres Brugal in the Dominican Republic. His vision and experience has been passed on through five generations of the Brugal family, where traditional methods, superior quality and exceptional care has been captured in every bottle produced. Today, Brugal Rum is the #3 rum in the world in terms of volume. Its strong presence in the industrial development of the Dominican Republic, covering a widely diversified, dynamic, and consolidated range, is unmatched and is currently one of the most emblematic brands of its geographical surroundings. Available in select U.S. markets, Brugal Rum continues to preserve the tradition, authenticity and quality for which it is famous.

Brugal Rumís vision is one that has remained the same for over a century Ė to produce the finest quality rum in the Caribbean. To do this, its ingredients are locally sourced and distillation, maturation and bottling all takes place within the Dominican Republic to assure the highest quality process during all four stages of production.

In Phase One of production, sugarcane crops are harvested, milled to produce molasses and then transported to the distillery. The Molasses is then diluted in treated water and yeast to initiate fermentation during the second stage, where it goes through a double distillation process to obtain Auguardiente wine before being transported to the Puerto Plato plant. In stage three, the aging process commences by reducing the productís alcohol content and then storing it in White Oak casks for desired resting time. Finally, the aged rum is extracted, filtered and goes through a second dilution before being settled and bottled for distribution.

This entire four-stage process is overseen by Brugal Rumís fourth and fifth generation of Maestros Roneros. These expert artisans continue the tradition started in 1888 as personal guardians of the entire rum-making process, from distillation at the San Pedro de Macoris distillery to aging and maturation at the Puerto Plata production plant.

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