Brillet Cognac Heritage 50 Year Old

Founded in 1850, Maison Brillet is one of the last remaining houses to produce hand-crafted, single vineyard alembic, unblended Cognacs. It is one of the few houses having retained its passion for producing Cognac from vineyard to bottle. Maison Brillet is family- owned and led today by tenth generation President, Jean-Louis Brillet. Maison Brillet owns and farms 100 acres of exclusive Grande and Petite Champagne Vineyards, the two ?grand cru? vineyards of the Cognac region. The word ?Champagne?in Cognac refers to the flat and chalky landscape, not unlike that found in Champagne itself. It is a remarkable vineyard with deep layers of chalk soil providing the perfect environment for the slow maturation of Cognac?s principal white grape varieties, Ugni Blanc and Colombard. HARVEST & AGEING
The Brillet distillery is a ?Bouilleur de Cru? distillery reserved exclusively for the production from Brillet?s own vineyards. December to March sees the delicate traditional operation of Distillation Charentaise (2 times) in the Traditional Charentais Pot Still made from pure copper in a ritual unchanged since the XVII century. The Brillet cellars assure the slow metamorphosis of the Pure Eau de Vie de Cognac but not without the heavy tribute in evaporation called ?La past des Agnes?. In order to guarantee the best original quality of the two Premiers Grand Crus of Cognac, the Brillet cognacs are produced, aged in oak barrels and bottled separately ?unblended?: Single Grande Champagne from 10 to 100 years. WINEMAKER'S NOTES
Truly a connoisseur?s Cognac, this exclusively Premier Grand Cru de Cognac is aged half a century in small oak casks, then manually transferred directly into individually hand blow bottles at its natural strength of alcohol. Extremely powerful, it is the true expression of a great Cognac and embodies the spirit of Grande Champagne.