Bowmore Single Malt Scotch Voyager

- Wine & Spirits Annual Buying Guide, Winter 2000 "Spirits of the Year" Best New Scotch: Bowmore Voyage Port-Casked Islay Single Malt "On the single-malt front, new releases came pouring in, some of them very good indeed. Consider, for example, the Bowmore Voyage, an expansive single malt aged 12 years in Bourbon casks followed by an additional 18 months in Ruby Port casks. It offers Islay aromas of sea and peatsmoke that flow effortlessly into the red fruit, black plum and citrus zest notes. Something about Bowmore seems to lend itself to Port wood: The essential Islay character of this malt isn't obscured by the wood treatment, but instead deepened and given a remarkable silken richness